The time has sadly come.

Okay, I’ll go ahead and make this short and sweet, because its not particularly easy for me to do.

When I started the Blackfeather news, I had Fridays off of work, and a very different home and SCA situation than I do now. Presently, I work a more classic Monday through Friday schedule, I have a rambunctious three year old who is days away from starting Pre-K, and a new regional officership that I feel needs more than the textbook stated minimum effort in order to make it happen.

Ergo, I think its time I just admit that I can not put the effort needed into a quality news show and produce something like the Blackfeather news.  These last few months have been hell to get out, and I don’t feel like its going to get any easier ad life gets more complicated.

I would sooner end it here, on my terms, than wait until I have to drop it and several other projects at the same time because of being overworked

Does this mean that we will never see another episode? I hope not. If the time and situation present itself so that I can once again do this, I will in a heartbeat. But only when I can put together something that I feel is high quality and productive for the North of the Kingdom, and the SCA as a whole.

Until then.

Good by, God Bless, and thank you all for your support and feedback.

Lord Ivo Blackhawk, Signing off.

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